Monday, August 18, 2008

After the Institute, #1: The care and feeding of a beged ish meter :)

Leave it to us Heebs to spend an entire week in the countryside--and spend it mostly indoors. Oy.

Now, here we are, back in civilization. Apparently, it's the Punster's turn to get bronchitis--I did my time last August. But I have a whopping good cold, so I'll be publishing posts bit by bit, in order to get to bed at a decent hour, which I was too busy having a fun and/or interesting time to do most of last week. :)

Those of you who've been reading my blog for a while have put up with my infinite discussions on the subject of what I should wear as a kisui rosh (head-covering--follow the links if you want to see where I first start thinking aloud about this), the question being whether a kippah/yarmulke/skullcap is or is not beged ish (a man's garment) . (The Torah forbids us to wear the clothing of the opposite gender.) But wouldn't you know that, just when I thought I'd given up wearing kippot for good, I found myself facing a minor identity--or perhaps identification--crisis at the Hav. Institute: Since I prefer skirts (not having the figure for pants and having been raised to believe that a female doesn't go to synagogue in them), wearing a baseball cap pegged me as an Orthodox married woman. Yeah, I know--here we go again. (Insert roll-eyes emoticon here.) So, when we went to Thursday night's shuk (bazaar), I put my poor, long-suffering husband to work: I decided that any kippah that he wouldn't be caught dead in was not beged ish :), and bought three of them. Here's the one that Susan made--she finished it during our last class together on Friday morning , so that I could wear it on Shabbat. Ceidlen made this one--she said that men tend not to buy her "popcorn"-stitch kippot, except for the white ones, occasionally. And here's Shari Lynn's headgear version of Yosef's k'tonet pasim (Joseph's coat of many colors).

Tonight, in return for his assistance, my husband got a nice dinner of chicken soup, chicken shish kebab, and Israeli salad, with pita bread for a starch. Okay, it was straight from Kosher Deluxe, and we both needed the chicken soup, but the hubster's not complaining. :)



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